Everyday throughout history people have eaten their American food on their table while sipping coffee and reading the newspaper; the big difference between then and now? The meal. While you sit there sipping your coffee mixed with creamer and Sweet’N Low, depending on where you live, people were eating flapjacks, porridge or home-cured bacon. A century ago, though? It could have been something completely different.

Through the centuries, food has had many staggering transformations. Considering our population has soared by almost 200 million since 1900, food too, has taken a remarkable journey. Here’s some history about American food and its evolution you may not have known.

American Food Throughout the Years

1900 to 1909

During the early 20th century, there was plenty of optimism. The people felt they had unrivaled world power and with that required hearty meals. Menus were filled with meat and many cities throughout New England offered bear, caribou, elk, moose and even elephant in some diners. Plus, the price tag for these meals was considerably low for the amount of food served.

An American food favorite during this time was oysters topped with shredded greens. Although it was invented in 1899, many considered it a 20th-century dish that couldn’t go unnoticed. The rich ingredients make this food truly one of a kind. Along with oysters, a number of green vegetables were highly common to be on plates during a meal.

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1910 to 1919

Because immigration was at an all time high from 1910 to 1919, new flavors were beginning to emerge in American kitchens, including German, Italian, Chinese, Eastern European and Jewish foods. Millions of tables had ethnic foods on their tables. Although technically not American food, many of these foods were Americanized and as a results the 1910s became a hyphenate decade, such as Italian-American. Spaghetti and Meatballs was created and crowds started demanding foods like these throughout neighborhood restaurants.

1920 to 1929

Loud music and a boisterous stock market made this decade a deafening one. People were wild,  had the money to spend on good American food and electric appliances were released. New gadgets, such as the toaster, gas stoves and refrigerators were released into the market, making food at home easier to make. Speakeasies also began to spring up everywhere serving finger foods, including stuffed mushrooms, oyster cocktails and shrimp patties. Customers brought these foods home and soon enough the cocktail party was born.

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